Don’t wait until retirement to enjoy your life.

Financial planning to give you traction on what matters right now.


We create financial strategies, based on clear goals, and utilize your money as a tool, to help you gain traction on what matters to you now, and in retirement.

– Green Rock

Is your money working towards what really matters? Does your financial plan benefit your life today?

Does your financial plan actually help you create the life you want now? Are you planning for retirement but feeling like your destined to spin your wheels until that day comes? What if there was a better way? What if you could make your money work for you today, not just tomorrow, because if you can’t enjoy your life today then what’s the point?


What you can expect.

Schedule a call

Schedule a 30 Minute introductory call. We’ll talk about what your goals are, what matters to you, and see if you’re in a position to take the next step.

Develop your plan

We’ll get a clear picture of  your financial situation and goals.  Then, we’ll build a road map to minimize taxes, optimize debt, and grow your money without locking it up.

Enjoy today

Maximize your cash flow quickly,  and achieve your financial goals years faster than you envisioned. Watch your wealth grow without compromising your life today.


At GreenRock we understand the value of managing your assets and liabilities for cash flow. See what loans you can use differently to increase cash flow now, so you can get traction on your life today, and in retirement. Calculate your index here with our free tool.


At GreenRock we understand the value of managing your assets and liabilities for cash flow. See what loans you can use differently to increase cash flow now, so you can get traction on your life today, and in retirement. Calculate your index here with our free tool.

We believe that one of the most powerful things we can do to help people with their money is to set the right goals and create an evolving plan to help them get there faster.  Our team is passionate about building a plan that you can enjoy today, rather than just locking your money up until retirement. We’ll be honest enough with you to challenge your thought process and help you make the best decisions for you and your family. Together we’ll look towards how to make your life better today not just get you to your goals tomorrow.
– Justin Hales, CFP | Founder

How We Help.

Financial Acceleration Framework

Financial Acceleration Framework

Our tool to create a tangible roadmap towards achieving your financial goals faster.

Investment Advice

Investment Advice

We offer Investment advice to grow your money without locking it up so you can pursue short and long-term goals.

Become Your Own Banker

Become Your Own Banker

We work with individuals to set up Velocity Banking™ systems that they can use to Become Their Own Banker.



We facilitate a LifePlan with the Paterson Center: a journey that helps you discover your unique purpose. LifePlan is a roadmap for your life.


Case Studies

Case Study: Phineas

  • Was working with an advisor and told him that he was risk adverse
  • Advisor recommended a 401k allocation that was all bonds and had a very low rate of return, advisor also recommended he put his other money into fixed indexed annuities which had very
    poor performance due to the participation rates and caps
  • Based on Phineas living expenses and the investments that he had, he had 0% probability of success. Meaning that all of the projections showed Phineas would run out of money before the end of his life. This was due to the fact that the performance of his investments was so low, that he would deplete what he had saved for retirement.
  • When we met with Phineas, we put a plan in place. We recommended moving more of his retirement account into the stock market. To avoid the surrender penalties on the annuities, we recommended withdrawal a portion of the annuities each year and investing the money similar to the retirement accounts.
  • These changes increased his probability of success to 80%
  • Many people think of risk simply as the volatility of the stock market, but there are many types of risk. In this case, he was investing so conservatively that he was almost guaranteeing he would run out of money. So dealing with the volatility of the stock market was actually less risky than investing conservative because it significantly improved his probability of success from 0% to 80%.

Case study: David and Brooke

  • David and Brooke are successful business owners
  • Their goal was to be able to spend $250,000  a year, even after they sell their business
  • They wanted to know the best thing to do with their free cashflows to make that happen
  • Based on what they had been doing, they had a 67% probability of success assuming they sold their business at age 60
  • We recommended strategies to invest their money and minimize taxes over their lifetime
  • We also recommended a strategy for them to become their own bank to give themselves a place store their cash with a good return, and provide access to loans when needed for their
    business and other entrepreneurial endeavors
  • We also saw that they had no business succession plan, so we recommended a buy-sell agreement
    with their business partner that was funded through life and disability insurance to give them
    protection if David were to die or become disabled
  • With the recommendations we provided, their probability of success increased to 95% while selling the business and retiring at age 55 (5 years earlier than before)

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